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Our TivontechTM team specialize in the applications of PEGylation technique in the pharmaceutical industry. PEGylation reagents are commercially available from them on your request. The emphasis is on the customer synthesis, providing unique PEGylation reagents to meet the up-to-date development in this field. With our experienced chemists engaged in PEGylation technique and specialized facilities located in Guelph, ON, most requests will be fulfilled in two weeks.

Benefit from our well-operated system, our price of final products could be lower than what you would spend on purchasing raw materials for your own synthesis. Please inquire us before you begin. You may be surprised!

You can send your inquiry to pegylation@olinax.com.


Draw your own PEGylation reagents on our DrawYourChem platform.

We have regular PEGylation reagents in stock. Please check out our instant stock and have it now.

Our TivontechTM PEGylation reagents catalog:

Monofunctional PEGs

Homobifunctional PEGs

Heterobifunctional PEGs

Fluorescent PEGs




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